Sunday, April 25, 2010

How to convert music CD to MP3 format

If you are looking for a way how to convert music CD to MP3 format there really is only one way to go: download a program to do it for you. There is lots of software you can find on the internet, that know how to convert music CD to MP3 format - all you have to do is find a program that is cheap, fast, easy to use and will do the job to your satisfaction.

A great program that will convert CDs for you is Convert Genius. It is a perfect solution if you are looking for a way how to convert music CD to MP3 format. Despite the very low price of this program it is extremely powerful and fast. And best of all it is so simple to use that any kid could start it up and begin converting music within minutes.

Convert Genius is also very fast because it features an ingenious state-of-the-art converson engine. When you need to convert an entire music CD to MP3 format the program is capable of converting several songs at the same time dramatically lowering the overall conversion time. So whether you need to convert a couple of CDs to MP3 for your pocket MP3 player or you want to store your entire music collection on a computer Convert Genius is going to be your best friend.

But the good news doesn't stop there. Once you know how to convert music CD to MP3 format with Convert Genius you are already able to convert any known media file format into anything you desire. Convert Genius supports just about any media format ever developed and with it's very simple and intuitive user interface the process of converting a file is exactly the same no matter what files you are converting.

So as you may see you don't actually need to know how to convert music CD to MP3 format - all you need is to download a small program and push a couple of buttons - and presto, you have your MP3 files ready for use.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Convert Audio CD to MP3 Files

With all the many tools available today it is extremely easy to convert audio cd to mp3 files. It is pretty much something like start a converter program, insert an audio cd and click "convert". It doesn't get any easier than that.

With a program like Convert Genius you get many more possibilities than just convert audio cd to mp3 files. Convert Genius knows almost all media file formats and not just audio and it can convert between all of them. You can click the link to the right to go to their site and see all the supported formats - and there are many.

When it comes to convert audio cd to mp3 files Convert Genius offers many advantages because it will also convert into special formats for popular portable devices such is iPhone, iPod, Zune or BlackBerry. This makes Convert Genius an extremely versatile media file converter.

With Convert Genius you can also clip out bits of audio from any format or even video and turn it into your own personalized ringtones. And if you really want to delve into media file conversion then Convert Genius allows you to modify and tweak a large number of parameters that govern the conversion process. This way you can completely tailor the output to suit you specific needs. The program is built on an optimized and  very fast engine that performs multiple conversions simultaniuosly with ease.

So if you are looking for a professional, easy to use and sophisticated tool to convert audio cd to mp3 files then Convert Genius is definately recommendable. Download Convert Genius for free and check it out.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Convert MPEG4 to MP3

Convert MPEG4 to MP3 is very easy once you have the right tool for the job and that tool is Convert Genius. This nifty little program will convert media files between just about any known formats including MPEG4 and MP3. So if you can't play your favorite music or movies on your iPod or any other portable device simply run the files through Convert Genius.

Convert MPEG4 to MP3 - some technical stuff

When you convert MPEG4 to MP3 you not only make your files more portable but you also reduce them significantly in size making room for many more files on your smaller devices without compromising audio quality. Well, during any conversion to MP3 you actually do loose some quality. As a software engineer I can tell you that this is a significant part of the conversion process and what makes the MP3 files so small compared to the original format. Basically Convert Genius (and all other converters) throws away "information" from the original file when they convert MPEG4 to MP3. The programs do this by identifying and deleting frequencies that are (almost) not audible to the human ear but of cause there is more to it than that.

Why choose Convert Genius to convert MPEG4 to MP3

This program supports almost any type of conversion making it the only converter you will ever need. It is extremely versatile with it's huge format database. The program interface is also very professionally designed making it easy to understand and use with intuitive icons and graphics. Furthermore, if you have a deeper understanding of file conversion/compression you will enjoy access to tons of settings you can use to adjust and fine tune any conversion process. You can completely customize the output whether you convert MPEG4 to MP3 or anything else. Convert Genius also offers 100% support for multithreading allowing you to select and convert multiple files at the same time.